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Here you can access a series of episodes of our podcast: “St Louis Marie de Montfort and ‘True Devotion'”.

This is a programme about St Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort and the spirituality he taught and promoted by his writings and in all his preaching of parish missions and retreats. Each episode will attempt to describe who St Louis Marie was, and how he made Mary, the Mother of Jesus Christ, a central part of his own search for God and his efforts to help others to find God. Look for our podcast in the Podcasts app or in the iTunes Store.

Episode 1: Introducing St Louis Marie de Montfort

Episode 2: Beginning at the beginning

Episode 3: Jesus, Eternal and Incarnate Wisdom

Episode 4: Acquiring Divine Wisdom

Episode 5: Acquiring Divine Wisdom – 2

Episode 6: Acquiring Divine Wisdom – 3

Episode 7: Devotion to Our Lady in Montfort’s Writings

Episode 8: The Necessity of Devotion to Mary

Episode 9: The Principles of Devotion to Mary

Episode 10: False and Genuine Devotion to Mary

Episode 11: ‘Perfect’ Devotion to Mary

Episode 12: Renewal of Baptismal commitment

Episode 13: Motives which recommend this devotion -1

Episode 14: Motives which recommend this devotion -2

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