True Devotion Leaflets

The following "True Devotion Leaflets", written in the 1950s by the late Father Wilfred Jukka, S.M.M., onetime editor of the magazine "Queen and Mother", are made available here for those who may find them useful.

They are available in three formats:

  • Online versions in HTML format;
  • Versions in Microsoft Word format, for download (or reading also online if you have Word installed);
  • Adobe PDF format - these are ready for printing as A5 leaflets on folded A4 paper.


To read PDF files

You will need a PDF Reader such as the Adobe Reader or Acrobat Reader to read or print the PDF files - get it from the Adobe download page.
Click on the icon below:

The current version, however, is very big (around 20 Mb), so you may wish to download a different (some say better, and certainly MUCH smaller) PDF reader: the Foxit Reader, available for download here.