Administration of the Entity

The current Superior of the Delegation is Fr. Kieran Flynn.


27 St Gabriel's Road
Tel: (0208) 450 4291

Our General Delegation


The Vice-Province of Gt. Britain and Ireland came into being in 1942, when the Second World War caused great difficulties in maintaining communication with the mother Province, France.

The presence of the Company of Mary in the British Isles, however, dates from 1891, when a Father and a Brother accompanied the Daughters of Wisdom to Romsey in Hampshire, when the French Government of the day, by its laws, forced many Religious Orders and Congregations into exile.

Montfort College in 1910In 1910, the Company of Mary, also forced into exile by the French laws, established a Junior Seminary, "Montfort College", in Romsey, to prepare candidates for entry into the congregation. Although principally intended for French candidates, a few English boys quickly applied for admission, and, when the relaxation of the laws in France after the First World War allowed the Junior Seminary to return there, Montfort College was kept on as a Junior Seminary for English and Irish candidates.

When, in 1942, the relatively small group of priests, brothers and scholastics, were established as a Vice-Province, the group began to grow. It became a fully-fledged Province some years later, but then, with the diminishing numbers of its members, it became once again a Vice-Province, and now has become a General Delegation of the Company of Mary.

The Entity Today

Here in Gt. Britain and Ireland, the mission of the Company of Mary, to establish the Reign of Jesus Christ, through Mary, is pursued where possible both through the traditional apostolate of the Montfort Missionaries, the preaching of parish missions and retreats, but also today through the care of parishes, and the running of Pastoral Centres meeting a variety of needs in the Church. Some members also are involved in the apostolate of the word, through their writings.

The Entity has houses only in England (Liverpool; Cricklewood, London; and Ashurst, near Southampton).

Individual Residences

Cricklewood, London
Ashurst, Hampshire