Tercentenary Leaflets

The following leaflets are available for download in PDF format - to read and print these you will need a suitable PDF Reader, such as Adobe Reader or Foxit Reader, both of which are available free.

Each leaflet offers some information on a particular event or episode in the life of St. Louis Marie, some passages from his writings and from the Scriptures connected with this, and suggestions for personal integration or sharing on the topic, prayer and action to follow up.

  1. Overall presentation of the series
  2. His birth and Baptism at Montfort, 1673
  3. His youth, and influences from his environment, 1673-1692
  4. His departure for Paris, 1693
  5. His ordination in Paris, 1700
  6. His arrival at the General Hospital in Poitiers, 1701
  7. His encounter with Marie-Louis Trichet, 1701
  8. Marie-Louise moves to the General Hospital, 1702
  9. Stay in the Rue du Pot de Fer, 1703
  10. Final editing of The Love of Eternal Wisdom, 1704
  11. Meeting with Mathurin Rangeard, 1705
  12. Mission in Montbernage; Rosary entrusted to Jacques Goudeau, 1705
  13. Pilgrimage to Rome; meeting with Pope Clement XI, 1706
  14. Pilgrimage to Mont-St-Michel, 1706
  15. Lay-folk who followed Montfort, 1706-1714
  16. Stay at Saint-Lazare, 1707
  17. The big missions, 1708
  18. Erection and demolition of the Calvary at Pontchâteau, 1709-1710
  19. The writing of the Treatise on True Devotion, 1712 ?
  20. La Rochelle, 1711-1715
  21. Retirement to the Cave in Mervent, 1715
  22. Death in Saint-Laurent, 28 April 1716