Preparation for Total Consecration

Choice of method

We offer on these pages a programme of preparation for Total Consecration to Jesus through Mary, based on the book, Alive to God, by Fr. Donald Macdonald, S.M.M..

This programme consists of 4 weeks, with a reflection for each day of those 4 weeks, using a parable from the Gospels, a short reflection on the parable, a prayer, and a quotation from the writings of St. Louis Marie.

If you have already chosen your method of following the programme (see below), continue here... Otherwise, read on...

Two methods of following the programme

You can use our programme in two different ways:

  • Table method: Select each day's reflection from a table - you decide when you wish to make your Consecration, and keep track yourself of the preparation stages.
  • Auto-serve method: Have each day's reflection served up to you automatically - Note: this will require that you accept 'cookies' on your computer - see below. It will also require you to select your date for Consecration beforehand.

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A 'cookie' is a small text file that is stored on your computer, that can be read by a Web server when you request a web-page on that server, and that stores harmless items of information that allow the server to send you the material you desire, based on the information stored in the cookie. In our case, if you accept cookies from our Web server, they will store only your name (if you have given it), the date you intend to make your Consecration, and whether you wish the reflections served up to you automatically. This will enable the server to recognise that you have chosen your date and that you wish to have the relevant reflections served up to you on the correct days, and thus to give you one reflection per day. Our cookie will not store any other information about you or your Web history. However, if you prefer not to allow 'cookies' to be placed on your computer, you should choose the table method.

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