The Company of Mary Today

Today the Company of Mary is established on all the continents, and in about 30 different countries.


  • Democratic Republic of Congo

    The Democratic Republic of Congo (the former Zaïre) was for many years a mission supported by the Belgian Province of the Company of Mary, aided by a few Dutch confreres. One or two still work in the diocese of Isangi, while in Kisangani there is a postulancy for Congolese aspirants to the Congregation, and some parish and other work is carried out by our Congolese confreres. Congo forms part of the "General Delegation of French-speaking Africa".
  • Uganda

    The Company of Mary has one residence in Uganda, at Mbarara, where there is a pastoral centre. Uganda forms part of the "General Delegation of English-speaking Africa". Some retreat work and ministry to AIDS sufferers is also done by the members of the congregation there.
  • Kenya

    The Company of Mary has one residence in Kenya, a Scholasticate (seminary) in Nairobi for English-speaking African and Asian aspirants to the Congregation. Kenya forms part of the "General Delegation of English-speaking Africa".
  • Malawi

    Malawi was the first country in Africa to be successfully established as a field of missionary activity. The Montfort Missionaries first went to Malawi (then known as Nyasaland) in 1901, and began missionary work in the South of the country, in the Shire River region. Today, Malawi forms part of the entity known as the "General Delegation of English-speaking Africa". Several Provinces continue to send some missionaries who belong to this Delegation: the French and Dutch Provinces, and the Vice-Province of Great Britain and Ireland; while the Italian Province maintains a Provincial Delegation which is responsible for the diocese of Mangochi. The work is mainly in parishes, but the congregation also maintains a number of Pastoral centres, and the Italian missionaries produce various publications at Balaka. There are today a number of Malawian members of the congregation who have been ordained priests, as well as a few Malawian students who are at present preparing for the priesthhood.
    The Italian Provincial Delegation in Malawi also looks after a small mission in Zambia.
  • Madagascar

    The Company of Mary has had missions in Madagascar for many years, and today there are more than 30 Malagasy Priests, Brothers and Students. Madagascar is today a Vice-Province of the Company of Mary, but some missionaries are still supplied by the French and Italian provinces. The work done is mainly in parishes, but there is also a novitiate and seminary, and the mission is responsible for a Centre for Rural Education and another for Agricultural Training.