The Company of Mary Today

Today the Company of Mary is established on all the continents, and in about 30 different countries.


  • India

    The presence of the Company of Mary in India dates from the early 1970s. Today it is a Vice-Province, in which there are nearly 80 Indian priests and students studying for the priesthood. Many of the members of the Vice-Province are involved in the formation houses: the junior college, novitiate and scholasticate in Bangalore and Mysore. An increasing number work in missions both in India itself among the tribal peoples of India, but also further afield in Papua New Guinea, the Philippines, Malawi and Germany. A coffee plantation is maintained to raise much-needed funds.
  • Indonesia

    The Dutch Province traditionally sent many missionaries to Indonesia. There are still a few working there, although they have all taken Indonesian nationality. They work, together with a growing number of Indonesian priests and brothers, in the diocese of Sintang in Borneo, and in the Scholasticate in Bandung in Java, and the Novitiate in the island of Flores. There are at present more than 100 Indonesian priests, Brothers and students studying for the priesthood as Montfortians in Indonesia. In 2003, Indonesia became a General Delegation of the Company of Mary, dependent directly on the Superior General; then in 2012 it was made into a Vice-Province, and finally, on 3 June 2013, a Province of the Company of Mary. Quite a few members of the Vice-Province are already working as missionaries in the Philippnes and in Papua New Guinea and other places.
    The Indonesian Vice-Province has its own website (in Indonesian).
  • Papua New Guinea

    The Canadian Province began the Montfortian Mission in Papua New Guinea in 1959, taking on responsibility for the diocese of Daru-Kiunga in the Western Province, one of the least-developed parts of the country. There are now only two Canadian missionaries in the diocese (including the Bishop), but missionaries have also been supplied by the Vice-Provinces of India and Indonesia. They are aided by a few Papuan diocesan priests and some other missionaries of other congregations. On 3 June 2013, the international community there, which had for some time been dependant directly on the Superior General and his Council, was constituted a General Delegation of the Company of Mary.
    The Diocese of Daru-Kiunga has a website (in English) here.
  • The Philippines

    The presence of the Company of Mary in the Philippines dates from about 1984. A number of Filipino priests have already been ordained, and there are a number of students preparing for the priesthood. A few missionaries from other Asian Montfortian entities have gone there to help. Today, the Philippines is a General Delegation of the Company of Mary. The English-speaking Novitiate for the congregation has been established there, and also the Montfort Missionaries care for a poor parish in Greater Manila, and have opened a mission house in Cebu, from which they conduct nine-month-long missions in the parishes of the island.