The Company of Mary

The Company of Mary (or "Montfort Missionaries") is a Religious Congregation in the Catholic Church, which was founded at the beginning of the 18th Century in France by St. Louis Marie Grignion de Montfort. It is one of three Religious Congregations that were founded by St Louis Marie or take their inspiration from him. The other two congregations are "The Daughters of Wisdom", and "The Brothers of St Gabriel". These three congregations (with many lay-people associated with them) make up what we call "The Montfortian Family". More information is available on the web site of the "Montfortian Family".

Today the Company of Mary numbers about 900 religious (Priests and Lay-Brothers) around the world, living and working in around 30 countries. The main countries are shown in blue on the map below. In a handful of other countries there may be one or two members of the congregation working.

The Company of Mary around the World


1: Canada
2: USA
3: Haiti
4: Nicaragua
5: Colombia
6: Ecuador
7: Peru
8: Brazil
9: Argentina
10: Gt. Britain & Ireland
11: Germany
12: Netherlands
13: Belgium
14: France
15: Spain
16: Portugal
17: Italy
18: Croatia
19: Congo
20: Uganda
21: Kenya
22: Malawi
23: Madagascar
24: India
25: Indonesia
26: Papua New Guinea
27: Philippines