In the Footsteps of St. Louis Marie de Montfort

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"Footsteps Online"

Welcome to "Footsteps Online", featuring articles from the former bulletin of the Associates of the Montfort Missionaries, which was issued approximately three times a year until Autumn 2005; was re-started in Spring 2008, but then finally came to an end after that issue.

Associates of the Montfort Missionaries are those who join with the Montfort Missionaries in trying to live according to the spirituality of St. Louis Marie de Montfort, and who undertake, by their prayers and practical assistance, to help the Montfort Missionaries in the carrying out of their mission in the Church.

The newsletter "In the Footsteps of St Louis Marie de Montfort" ("Footsteps" for short) was intended to be a means of helping the Associates to understand Montfortian Spirituality, and to keep them up to date with news of the Montfort Missionaries. "Footsteps On-line" contains some of the major articles from the newsletter.

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